Features to Consider in the Best Portable Table Saw


One unique feature of a portable table saw is it has the power of a table saw and that extra convenience attached to the construction tool which makes it very handy and easy to move to any job location. Most power tool users love this particular tool because it can be moved and stored with ease.


Regardless your level of using a power tool, even as an amateur what you need to take into consideration when purchasing a construction tool is the power behind it. The amps which is considered as a standard for a portable table saw is 15amps. Therefore any portable table saw that is below this is not of top standard, a 15amps portable table saw can be used for any project home or on site because that is what is regarded as the actual strength a saw should have. A situation where you might need higher amps is only when you are cutting through harder materials, or you intend to make the cutting process much faster.


The speed of the saw is Next, there is a simple rule that guides all saws which is the faster your blade can cut the easier and smoother the cut will be. A portable table saw that has 3,800 to 4,800PM is of top quality and can carry out both heavy duty and light jobs. Saws will higher speed are always well appreciated in larger jobs.


Most importantly the safety of the devices must be considered diligently, that is why we have more safety devices in the market. The portable table saw would be dangerous if it is handled by a novice or someone who is not familiar with the functionality like the electric brakes, blade guards, anti-kickbacks and the Led lighting which provides safety while working.


There is a need for a portable table saw to be very convenient, for that reason, it is important to take note of the features like it’s very popular vacuum port, this particular feature makes the usage of the tool very comfortable, but it is not needed a feature to get the job done. That is why most power tools now have so many features to make your job more convenient and get the job done with less stress.

Set Up of Table and Fence

Your cutting will be affected by the table and fence, so it very necessary to consider the setup of the table and fence properly. An accurate cut will be achieved when the fence and the guide extend beyond the table. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a portable table saw with a bigger table.


Now the question is how do you know which portable table saw to buy? Simple just look out for those features listed above, the power, speed, accuracy, portability and how much those it suits your needs. Also, don’t forget to consider the table and fence set up because most people ignore this important aspect of a portable table saw. For more info: mitersawjudge.com

Dorothy Davison