How to Use Your Miter Saw

A miter saw is a great tool for any handyman. You can use it as a chop saw to make normal cuts on wood or use the bevels and miters to make sharp cuts in trim work or other pieces that need close fitting. The best miter saw will make easy work of whatever project you throw at it.

To use your miter saw best, there are some steps you should follow. These steps are both important and versatile – it doesn’t matter what miter saw you own, these methods will work for you.

Make sure you wear proper safety gear when using the saw. Wear safety glasses and ear protection. Miter saws are incredibly loud and they throw a lot of wood dust around.

Keep your hands and fingers away from the blade. Never reach under or around the blade while it is spinning and allow the blade to come to a full stop before you lift the head of the saw away from the cuts.

Place the saw on the table or bench where you will be working and release the handle and blade from their locked position. Before you ever squeeze the trigger, raise and lower the head a few times. This will lubricate the hardware and will acclimate you to how the saw blade travels.

Plug in your best miter saw and choose a piece of scrap wood to practice on. Butt the piece of wood against the fence on the base of the miter saw. Keep your hands out of the path of the blade, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger bringing the saw head down to cut the wood.

Release the trigger and let the blade come to a complete stop. Now raise the head back up, and you have made your first cut!

Cleo Waters